Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to MissO's

This is a new experience for me. If not for junebug and English44, I would not be on this BLOG journey...thanks June! Now, I'm looking forward to travling this road.


  1. I was ill and could not leave the house, so I watched the "One Nation Rally" all day.Its purpose was to "fire-up" the democrats-to get them interested in voting in the mid-election in November. I am a voter, now and forever, in any election; however, if I was going to slack-off, that rally certainly would not have pushed me to the polls! It was boring and not well planned. The speakers [except for Sharpton & Jesse Jackson] were low-talkers and not energetic! After Jackson [who fired the crowd up], they put on a woman from Ireland who was successful in bringing down what Jesse had built up!I had to leave my was awful! The same thing happened after! The highlight for me was reading a sign that read "GONNA VOTE...YOU BETCHA"! aNYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG, PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2ND!

  2. Thanks professor!

    This is an innovative way to do a mid-term...I love it!Today is when I try to catch up on missed assignments. I have somepretty intense reading and writing classes, so I can't give enough time to each as I should;my personal writings are missing out as well. Next semester, I will have a much lighter load!

  3. It was a Spring-Like day today in Stockton.I am in need of vitamin D, so I got out in the sunshine for a minute.It felt really good too! I am working on April's happier side-she falls in love, wow! Quite an accomplishment for her after her painful start to adult-hood. There is a twist however, to even that part of her life. Read about it when I blog it for the final. Hope everyone had a good day! Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!

  4. Spring roared in like a waking lion! Wow, what wind, but I love it! I just can't be in it because of seasonal allergies. Right now, I hear it roaring shaking my windows and all, what better time to write about love? I am so involved in April's love life right now, I can barely concentrate on my other work! Have a good one, professor and classmates.

  5. Hi Otha! I found you *:) Your blog URL is actually

    while the title of your blog is

    MissO's Writings

    ah, the complicated curved and turns in the blogging road *:)